Friday, December 9, 2011

I'm here for support James

So, I'm here again, never forgot James, so I want publicize his new album with the Ghost of the robot, you can buy it on I-tunes store. RUN ^_^
Murphy's law by Ghost of the robot.
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Use your blog to plant a tree

This is an idea by Dove Conviene in collaboration with I plant a tree. And here’s what to do: 1) Post on your blog about this project and say your blog is CO2 neutral. 2) choose a widget, and embed it in a well visible position on your blog 3) write to with your post’s link 4) a tree will be planted to neutralize your blog’s carbon print.
Here’s why a blog = a tree: according to dr. Alexander Wissner-Gross, environmental activist and physicist in Harvard, a website produces an average of g 0,02 of CO2 for each visit. Assuming 15.000 page views per month, this makes a total of kg 3,6 of CO2 p.a., and this is mainly due to the servers. How much CO2 can a tree absorb? Well, this depends on many factors, however the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) calculates that a tree can absorb an average of kg 10 of CO2 p.a. – let’s conservatively say Kg 5 per tree per year. Well, one tree will ensure your blog 50 years of zero impact. So pls, ACT NOW.
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Friday, August 6, 2010

Fast update

Is so long time I don't update this blog, but I want explain, it is not because I don't care, I'm always a BIG James fan and I always support him, just I have few time.

But sometime I like post here something. So, the last convention where I attended was in Bonn to the Fedcon. It was a so cool and big convention, I had a lot of fun here some cute memory.

James attended to many conventions from that, but across the sea and any is planning for Europe unlucky at this moment.
On his official site you can read about the next conventions, there are many in program until November.
There are many videos on youtube and interviews on line about his last convention at San Diego Comiccon look at James' official facebook for know more.

Carrier news:
- Looks like the character of James in HAWAII FIVE-O,villain Victor Hess, could be a recurring role, just rumors at this moment. For now you can see he for sure him on the pilot episode scheduled to premiere in the US on CBS on Monday, September 20 at 10pm eastern/9pm central.
- James will reprise the role of Brainiac (aka Milton Fine) in the special 200th episode of SMALLVILLE! It is scheduled for release in the US, UK and Australia on November 11 and in Canada on November 16.
- About his role in Caprica we have to wait January 2011 for see the next episode.
- James will be returning to the studio in August to record the narration for the audiobook SIDE JOBS always of Jim Butcher’s DRESDEN FILES. It is scheduled for release in the US, UK and Australia on November 11 and in Canada on November 16.
- And another "voice- role" for James as character of Lex Luthor for Sony Online Entertainment’s interactive game DC UNIVERSE ONLINE, which is scheduled for release on November 2, 2010 in the US and Canada.
- Just I want remember James played a role at L.A. Theatre Works for the play- She Stoops to Conquer- in June.

Personal news:
James is officially engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Patricia. No date has been set.
Congratulations to the happy couple!
Friday, February 12, 2010

Convention news

Hi to everybody. I attended to Love hearts the last week end and I want to spent two words about that. It was a very good event, great organization, good place, pretty atmosphere very kind crew. James played two very good concerts and the reading staged "Love letters" was very touching, I loved it.
James was absolutely fabulous, it's always a pleasure met him.
Here my pictures of that weekend.

- Saturday concert
- Love hearts event

I didn't go to the SFX convention unlucky, but there are some video about James'talk from this youtube channel

gif maker

Here a new interview from SFX convention being-spike
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