Friday, May 29, 2009

Real Heroes Firefighter

From James Marsters is one of the actors who lent his voice to one of the role in the game "Real Heroes Firefighter" for Wii, released by Nintendo. A portion of the profit from game sales will be donated to The Firefighter Cancer Support Network. The game is coming out in 3rd quarter this year.

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James came back to theater

From LATheatreWorks a great new, James joined at the cast of the play "Importance of Being Earnest" of Oscar Wilde, in theater to June 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 at The Skirball Cultural Center in Los
The Play's will be recorded live for later broadcast on Satellite and Public Radio worldwide!

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DragonBall Evolution: Behind The Scenes 02 []

I found on the net this cool video where you can see James, like Piccolo, junping from a cliff. Wow James you are really brave!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

May Q _ A

Q & A is up in the official site
How do you handle hecklers in the theater who refuse to shut up, even when you ignore them?
Luckily in theater we don’t have hecklers. I’ve always felt for comedians because of that. But you cannot stand up and shout Shakespeare sucks because he doesn’t! I usually find myself frustrated by people rustling.
continue in the official site
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Movie news

From official site
High Plains Invaders, starring James as Sam Danville, is scheduled to premiere as a VOD (video on demand) exclusive movie starting June 1. A later air date is scheduled for the SciFi Channel.

Check your cable provider's on demand channels for details. US only.


From cinecitta and ROME -- Astronaut Buzz Aldrin will be a special guest of honor at the third RomaFictionFest, Rome's international television fiction festival for the world premiere of the History Channel's TV movie "Moonshot. Buzz Aldrin is impersonated from James Marsters in the movie.
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Message from James

In the official site a cute message from James to us fans.
Hey everybody, back in the States after a great European tour. Always good to see familiar faces and welcome to all the new ones. I'm learning that the best part of this is everyone getting to know one another and becoming an international family. Thank you to everyone who could make the trip. I think I didn't suck and gave some pretty good concerts.

Till next time - James.
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Monday, May 11, 2009

The 100, Rubina's Report

This report is by Rubina, I asked to her to write it because she had a great experience to share with us. So it's Rubina now:

-So we are at the last day with James and I would try to write al least one report so sorry about my bad English:

I spent all the day around London town then I met Giosita and Alessandra to reach Silvia, she was already in the queue at the 100 in Oxford Street after Oxford Circus (I'm going crazy about London's stores).
The local was really strange because it was so as a house, it's hard to explain, anyway the doors opened at the 19:30.
The venue was downstairs, it was small and cute, we found a good view of the stage, Silvia was in front of us.
After 30 minutes Steve appeared on the stage to present our loved James, I can't to explain the big emotion I felt when he appeared on the stage, James wore the t-shirt I bought for him in Trieste my town. I gave him at the Marstersclass event!!! Oh my God, it' a miracle I not collapse in that instant.
James made me so happy, It was a big birthday gift, I can't believe it liked to him!
Silvia looked at me smiling because she recognized the shirt :) By the way James sang all the his popular songs and a new song too, this song is still without a title but he wrote it during the film of "Alien Western", it is really a sweet song, he sang it without his guitar.
The gig is ended with a bounce of clapping, we was so happy because he gave us (and gave me) a big joy.
Unfortunately this was the last event so I can't to hide a small tear, thank you James , see u soon !

I found a video on the net about the new cappella song

from jowizkid, thanks for sharing

In the official site you can read the lyric.
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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Merstersclass 2 May_Jammarst's report

This was a really special event I appreciated it so much.
When I arrived to the local, I made my first horrible figure, better don't say more... (whistling with indifference) I'm clumsy.
I was lucky enough to sit in the first row.
Steve came in the stage and explained the program of the day (kidding with us fans, like he usually does ). The first moment was photo shoot,yeaaaaaaaaah I could hug James :) After a performance of James and Gareth, followed to autograph session, a Q & A session of James and the concert.
I had fun all the day, but I loved especially the performance of James and Gareth. James started explaining what means to be an actor for him, his method and the different way to acting in tv from in theater. He made a very interesting monologue and incredible, in spite of my bad comprehension of English language, I understood all, he talked very slowly and clearly. I loved in particular when he used like metaphor of cooking to explain the acting, in a very interesting way.
I admit I was touched to felt and see in his eyes and in his words, how many love and passion he has for his job.
The performance with Gareth was exhilarating, they played two different scene , one about Buffy and one about Torchwood.(We got the chance to see Spike, He is "alive" yet) They are a fabulous duo.
About the Q & A unfortunately I cannot say so much, I understood just few questions. I was very tired, They were 3 days that I couldn't sleep very well (damn bad hotel) and my mind was in tilt. It's very tiring for me follow a show of many hours in English. But I enjoyed to see James and to take some photos anyway.
After the break for a fast dinner, ( my friends and I, spent very long time before to chose a place...poor my feet, cause I was wearing heel shoes) .
And in the end of the day,we got a fantastic concert. James was in good form and he gave us great emotion.
So, It was a really great day with James and some friend :)
Thanks to James, Gareth, Steve and the JMlive staff.

MY photos:
-Q & A
-Autograph session


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Union Chapel 1 May 2009_ Jammarst's report

I try to write a report about this fabulous concert, please You have to be tolerant with my bad English language.
So, I arrived in London the 30 April and in the hotel I met all my friends, Rubina, Alessandra e Giosita. Was an year ago the last time I saw them, so I was really happy. In the after morning we went together to buy some comics in a big comics shop in London, We walked around the city and after a Pizza we went to the Chapel. It was a long queue already, but we were lucky enough to have a good position to sit into the chapel. I saw some familiar face, Patty (She gave to me an hug from my sweeeeeet Amy thanks you), Sky, Nicky, Lynda, Chris, Silvye and more... It's so cool to meet people from different place.
The union chapel is a great place for a concert, great audio ,soft atmosphere and amazing colors.
The concert started with the supporter group, two talents girls, followed from Gareth that is improved for my opinion.
finally we got to see James, was an year ago the last time I got the chance to see him, and was a really quite a sight :)
James was in top form, he looks so pretty, with his black singlet, very very sexy ;) . He played maybe the best his performance that I saw, all was perfect: voice , guitar, and the audiences was in delirium and him looks very glad.
It was an amazing evening.

My photos here


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Friday, May 8, 2009

American Pie 2 Premiere

An old video from American Pie 2 Premiere

Thanks to Alain
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dragonball_ interview_ Star movie vip access

thanks tostarvipaccess
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High plains invaders_Alien Western

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Monday, May 4, 2009

The Mastersclass

I came back from the Marsterclass event and the concerts James did to London this week end, I'm very tired but happy, thanks to everybody for time you spent with me in London, I had a lot of fun. James was fabulous as usual :) :)

I'm working for upload my photos and at the reports, as soon as possible I'll post them.
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