Saturday, May 9, 2009

Union Chapel 1 May 2009_ Jammarst's report

I try to write a report about this fabulous concert, please You have to be tolerant with my bad English language.
So, I arrived in London the 30 April and in the hotel I met all my friends, Rubina, Alessandra e Giosita. Was an year ago the last time I saw them, so I was really happy. In the after morning we went together to buy some comics in a big comics shop in London, We walked around the city and after a Pizza we went to the Chapel. It was a long queue already, but we were lucky enough to have a good position to sit into the chapel. I saw some familiar face, Patty (She gave to me an hug from my sweeeeeet Amy thanks you), Sky, Nicky, Lynda, Chris, Silvye and more... It's so cool to meet people from different place.
The union chapel is a great place for a concert, great audio ,soft atmosphere and amazing colors.
The concert started with the supporter group, two talents girls, followed from Gareth that is improved for my opinion.
finally we got to see James, was an year ago the last time I got the chance to see him, and was a really quite a sight :)
James was in top form, he looks so pretty, with his black singlet, very very sexy ;) . He played maybe the best his performance that I saw, all was perfect: voice , guitar, and the audiences was in delirium and him looks very glad.
It was an amazing evening.

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