Monday, May 11, 2009

The 100, Rubina's Report

This report is by Rubina, I asked to her to write it because she had a great experience to share with us. So it's Rubina now:

-So we are at the last day with James and I would try to write al least one report so sorry about my bad English:

I spent all the day around London town then I met Giosita and Alessandra to reach Silvia, she was already in the queue at the 100 in Oxford Street after Oxford Circus (I'm going crazy about London's stores).
The local was really strange because it was so as a house, it's hard to explain, anyway the doors opened at the 19:30.
The venue was downstairs, it was small and cute, we found a good view of the stage, Silvia was in front of us.
After 30 minutes Steve appeared on the stage to present our loved James, I can't to explain the big emotion I felt when he appeared on the stage, James wore the t-shirt I bought for him in Trieste my town. I gave him at the Marstersclass event!!! Oh my God, it' a miracle I not collapse in that instant.
James made me so happy, It was a big birthday gift, I can't believe it liked to him!
Silvia looked at me smiling because she recognized the shirt :) By the way James sang all the his popular songs and a new song too, this song is still without a title but he wrote it during the film of "Alien Western", it is really a sweet song, he sang it without his guitar.
The gig is ended with a bounce of clapping, we was so happy because he gave us (and gave me) a big joy.
Unfortunately this was the last event so I can't to hide a small tear, thank you James , see u soon !

I found a video on the net about the new cappella song

from jowizkid, thanks for sharing

In the official site you can read the lyric.
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