Saturday, May 9, 2009

Merstersclass 2 May_Jammarst's report

This was a really special event I appreciated it so much.
When I arrived to the local, I made my first horrible figure, better don't say more... (whistling with indifference) I'm clumsy.
I was lucky enough to sit in the first row.
Steve came in the stage and explained the program of the day (kidding with us fans, like he usually does ). The first moment was photo shoot,yeaaaaaaaaah I could hug James :) After a performance of James and Gareth, followed to autograph session, a Q & A session of James and the concert.
I had fun all the day, but I loved especially the performance of James and Gareth. James started explaining what means to be an actor for him, his method and the different way to acting in tv from in theater. He made a very interesting monologue and incredible, in spite of my bad comprehension of English language, I understood all, he talked very slowly and clearly. I loved in particular when he used like metaphor of cooking to explain the acting, in a very interesting way.
I admit I was touched to felt and see in his eyes and in his words, how many love and passion he has for his job.
The performance with Gareth was exhilarating, they played two different scene , one about Buffy and one about Torchwood.(We got the chance to see Spike, He is "alive" yet) They are a fabulous duo.
About the Q & A unfortunately I cannot say so much, I understood just few questions. I was very tired, They were 3 days that I couldn't sleep very well (damn bad hotel) and my mind was in tilt. It's very tiring for me follow a show of many hours in English. But I enjoyed to see James and to take some photos anyway.
After the break for a fast dinner, ( my friends and I, spent very long time before to chose a place...poor my feet, cause I was wearing heel shoes) .
And in the end of the day,we got a fantastic concert. James was in good form and he gave us great emotion.
So, It was a really great day with James and some friend :)
Thanks to James, Gareth, Steve and the JMlive staff.

MY photos:
-Q & A
-Autograph session


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