Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Still smallville

I upload some still from ep 18 and ep 20 of Smallville 7 into gallery.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

My report Union Chapel

I have to finish to post my photos there are just someone Union Chapel photos of Jammarst

Sorry for my slowness of to do this report, but to write in english is very hard for me and I need more patience for to do it :)
So, now my report about Union Chapel concert:
We (Ru, Littledru and me )arrived outside the church at 5 pm and there was just a queue. We said hallo at some friends and started the queue. Few time later came others italian fan - Sam-(with husband and their fabulous baby) Gio- Simo- We don't know each other, we talked sometime just from forum, but all together had a project. I did a graphic for a T.shirt where I printed some of my best photos that I took to James, all us wearied that T-shirt and we had one for James too.
Some patter and many laugh and we arrived into the chapel. Littledru talked with Steve for ask if We could give to James the T-shirt but, predictably, He said to give to him and after the concert Steve would give to James. We asked if we could throw down on the stage during the concert and Steve said yes.
So! The concert started, before James sang an artist called Benmark, not so bad. James came and started to play, fabulous like always.
He sang some of his best songs Angel, Smile, Like a waterfall,London city, Up on me and he played some cover too like Lullaby baby blues chocolate Jesus and All Apologies by Nirvana. We were nervous because weren't near the stage and didn't know like to do for give him the T-shirt. So! when He did a break we thought that was the time right for give him our gift and not annoy the concert. After the break we went under the stage and I threw to him the shirt, He saw something arrived on the stage, but I think that didn't understand what that was and who threw to him so he looked around, Ruby hug me and scream "James" we all together said hallo with our hands and James saw us and said hallo too. I hoped that him would take the T-shirt after the concert, but He didn't. we saw a man with a plastic bag took some stuff that were on the stage and we thought that was garbage, so , we asked to him to give back our T-shirt .We gone to Steve and gave to him, He give thanks and said that James would had our gift.I was really sad that James didn't take our gift, because I'm shy and I force myself to go near the stage for and to throw our gift. But I think was just a forgetfulness or maybe that guy would to had give those stuff to him, I don't know. Anyway, the concert was wonderful, there were a lot of people.
I found on the net a video where there are us while to throw the gift, It's too dark but for me is a memory of that moment.
I insert here the video and some caps.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New role for James

From official site
James is happy to announce that he will be starring in the forthcoming ITV/History Channel/ProSieben movie “Moonshot.” “Moonshot” is a dramatization of the days leading up to the Apollo 11 launch to the moon. James will portray American astronaut Buzz Aldrin. “Moonshot” is expected to air in 2009 but no specific date is yet scheduled.

some link:

The 90-minute telefilm tells the story of the July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 moon landing, beginning 11 days before the launch, and follows Aldrin and fellow astronauts Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins. ITV plans to air the movie in the U.K. in July 2009 to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the mission . Principal photography is set to begin June 3 in Lithuania.
James Marsters to appear in ITV space drama?
I thought that Buffy heartthrob James Marsters was pretty good in the recent Torchwood series (not that the series was actually any good) and he seems to have enjoyed his stay in the UK because the man they used to call Spike is in final negotiations to appear in an ITV film, which tells the story of the first Apollo moon landing in 1969. Thanks to his Buffy efforts and Torchwood adventures (where he pretty much killed and shagged everything that moved) we're used to seeing in bonkers roles. However, ITV has a more orthodox role in mind for him.

I advice to see this article, there is a photo of James fantastic and if you click on it they become enormous. And I'm so happy to see that in those last articles James is showed in his new look , not spike look finally, then James started really a new season for his career :)
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Monday, May 19, 2008

My report The Borderline


Ru , Littedru and me arrived at the borderlne about 17.30 and there was a queue already. It was rain and us, with our umbrella gone in queue, but ....we are so stupid, we didn't understand where the queue started and where ended, so We wronged and We stopped in the wrong side...some people tried to kill us, but really we hadn't bad intentions, just a mistake.
Maybe if we had had more time We would have understood our mistake... (very difficult the verb here ...I hope, I wrote right.)
Anyway, we come back in the right side of the queue and waited for the event.
It was rain and us with our umbrellas have dipped a poor man that was in front of us...we were soaking wet, but at 19 o' clock we were admitted inside. We were at the third row and in front of us there wre few girls who attached Ru without any reason, but we tried to give weight at the thing we were there to enjoy James.
So when the show started I saw James finally, He was fabulous ,really look like an angel. There were light pink and blues that put in evidence his fabulous eyes. I' was happy to see that him felt better I was a little preoccupied about that.
He did a q-a and after the concert.
The q-A were very funny, James sung an "happy birthday" song for a lady, very kind, after an other lady told that was her birthday but James said could sing again ahaha. He talked about Dragonball and how hard was to do it, poor James received a kicked in his face, talked about Spike and Captain John, He prefer his role in Torchwood, about his feeling like a star and how he scared of compromise his soul and more...
The concert was fantastic, James played very well and his voice was warm and deep, the acoustic was perfect, really a good show. I had so much fun, I prefer those mini show than big concert, I think He is more spontaneous.
My pictures of The Borderline
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Sunday, May 18, 2008

My report, The Rift convention


Like you can see, this time, I try to write in English, so in advanced I say: sorry for all mistake that I'll do, I hope you can understand me. And I'll write in dribs and drabs, It's difficult to write in a once. Translate from English to Italian is more simple than to write in English...

I left Italy at 25th of April, I met my fabulous Ruby in hotel and we were ready for an other trip. The next day we gone to the Rift, but , like everytime , We lost, our hotel was near the convention just 10 minutes to walk, but we walked around and around... when we arrived there was a long queue and I saw some others friend, Sylvie , Livie, Lynda, Chris ecc... was very good to see familiar faces. The place was really cool, A big room, a stage and in front of rows of chairs, behind some tables with merchandisings about Torchwood Gareth and James of course.
Ruby and me was in the first row, fortunately, but we stayed really a few time in our chair, We spent all day to do queues , to talk with others fans and to take photographies.
the show started when a member of James' staff told us some instruction, the first moment was the photo ops, so we walked for our first queue. For my first time I understood the instruction, thanks the staff that was so kind to repeat for me very slowly.
when we were in queue , through the curtain, we listen James laughs, was very nice to listen his beautiful laugh, I was so excited. When I arrived In front of James He smiled and started to talking whit me...GOD hard moment like usually, He talked really much and I couldn't understand all, just fewwords..."Supergirl...superman...fuck the face was like ,,,?,,, poor James! I think He tried to repeat for me but...ok my usually poor figure I'll never know that He said to me. So, we took our photos together and He was kind and hot like always.
After the photo ops we saw the first Q_A of James, He was really talkative and briliant, and , incredible I understood many questions yesssssssssssssss, some about TOrchwood, Dragonball ecc... I can't remember sorry.
After the queue for the autograph, unlucky I couldn't see the Q_A of Eve beacuse I was in queue for James, and I don't able to understand English if I cannot concentrate to it,so I just saw Eve jump and run on the stage, She look very cute and funny. The same for others Q_A.
Queue was really long so I didn't got my autograph with Gareth, really I didn't think that would been so many people that was incredible,there were a lot of people.
During my autograph with James, I gave to him a little gift, an album where I inserted some photos that I took in this years at the convention where I attended, He was very kind to to spent time to see the pictures with me,despite the confusion of people in the queue. Jame gave at all people all that him could can.
The last show was a Q_A with James and Gareth both, that was so fabulous those men are so incredible together, very funny. During the break, before the concert, me and Ru gone to the our hotel for to change our high-heels shoes, GOd we were so tired! but when We came back to convention, We got a really bad news, James didn't feel good so the concert was canceled. We were so sad, Steve and staff tried to offer a substitutive entertainment with Kai Owen , Gareth and Steve:) but they talked so quickly We didn't understand nothing and we were so tired, so before the show ended We came back to the hotel.
It was a great day,despite the inconvenient, really a good experience.

A funny story: At the Rift, I was so hungry, I gone to the bar and saw some piece of pizza, I asked for to buy that, but the man laughed.
Those were guest's food not for sale, (poor figure) but he give me a piece :) -kind man-
So when I listen about James problem
I was scared to felt bad too

My pictures about The Rift convention
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Thursday, May 15, 2008

New role for James

The official James Marsters website some good news for James
James has accepted a fantastic new acting role from a UK company. We will share more details with you about the project once producers have given us the okay to do so. However, we wanted to tell you as soon as possible because unfortunately it conflicts directly with the Fangoria Convention of June 21-22 in New Jersey. As of now we still expect to be able to attend DragonCon in August, but must cancel the earlier event and we apologize for the inconvenience we know this will cause to some of you.
and a comment of Steve about the past convention in Uk.

I wanted to share a few reflections with you about the recent week of the tour. Let's start with the good - and there was a lot! Great seeing all the old familiar faces and meeting so many new. Thanks to Torchwood there is a whole new group of folks who have discovered James and now share in the enthusiasm of everything James. Eve Myles, Kai Owen, Gareth David Lloyd and all the Torchwood writers - need I say more, the absolute best! The staff of JMLive, who I simply couldn't do these events without. People having fun, meeting new friends, Union Chapel's great acoustics, lots of good laughs and memories. Some great performances by James.

The bad... Unfortunately the concert scheduled for The Rift didn't happen. James wasn't well and wasn't able to perform. We gave it our best to provide an alternative form of entertainment (bless Kai, Justine and Gareth) and now I'm the star of a u-tube video (this is very bad). Some of the weather was bad but typical for London this time of year. Some of the train services provided a challenge to many making their way to Milton Keynes and back. As usual, long lines.he truth be told, it seems to come from only a very small group of 'fans' but nonetheless very vocal ones. Let me assure you, that a few bad apples won't ruin it for the rest of us. One 'fan' in particular has overstepped the boundaries and I'm going to set the record straight once and for all. This lady wrote me an email alleging not only that James was too drunk to perform at The Rift and complaining about the event, but effectively calling him a liar about his illness. I'm also told she's been very busy on the fan boards, but I don't read those. To which I now publicly respond as follows:...
more In official site

May 2008 - Vacation Break

Even though a full Q&A was promised for May, with James just having finished an incredibly busy and stressful year of steady,and sometimes grueling, work, and with his new project just ahead to prepare for, we have decided to give him a little bit of well-deserved vacation. The Q&A's will resume as soon as James' schedule permits.
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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Smallville - 7x18



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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Waterfall tour

Updated 8 May
I'll insert my photos here but really slowly


IMG_3255 Tha Rift

IMG_3659 copy The Borderline

IMG_3825 copy Union Chapel ___________________________________________________
Updated 7 May

Hi guys, I came back home from two days and I'm very tired, this was a hard trip I lost weight about 3 kg...I need a few days before posting photo and reports sorry, but I have too much work in these days.
Just a link with fabulous photos from Ulla Inkeri Huhta
1 MAY Hi guys I'm in my hotel at this moment, I'm not so fine ,I have a little problem and today I cannot move from my bed... I hope I'll feel better tomorrow. Anyway, I was to the rift and to the Borderline . For a completely report you have to wait , but for a moment I can insert some picture that I took to James. He was so incredible.
For to see more information look here jamesmarstersitalianenglishcommunity


The rift


Union Chapel

Collectormania 13

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

James Marsters Deleted Scene P.S. I love you

Playlist with two clip

Thanks Fenderlove
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