Monday, May 19, 2008

My report The Borderline


Ru , Littedru and me arrived at the borderlne about 17.30 and there was a queue already. It was rain and us, with our umbrella gone in queue, but ....we are so stupid, we didn't understand where the queue started and where ended, so We wronged and We stopped in the wrong side...some people tried to kill us, but really we hadn't bad intentions, just a mistake.
Maybe if we had had more time We would have understood our mistake... (very difficult the verb here ...I hope, I wrote right.)
Anyway, we come back in the right side of the queue and waited for the event.
It was rain and us with our umbrellas have dipped a poor man that was in front of us...we were soaking wet, but at 19 o' clock we were admitted inside. We were at the third row and in front of us there wre few girls who attached Ru without any reason, but we tried to give weight at the thing we were there to enjoy James.
So when the show started I saw James finally, He was fabulous ,really look like an angel. There were light pink and blues that put in evidence his fabulous eyes. I' was happy to see that him felt better I was a little preoccupied about that.
He did a q-a and after the concert.
The q-A were very funny, James sung an "happy birthday" song for a lady, very kind, after an other lady told that was her birthday but James said could sing again ahaha. He talked about Dragonball and how hard was to do it, poor James received a kicked in his face, talked about Spike and Captain John, He prefer his role in Torchwood, about his feeling like a star and how he scared of compromise his soul and more...
The concert was fantastic, James played very well and his voice was warm and deep, the acoustic was perfect, really a good show. I had so much fun, I prefer those mini show than big concert, I think He is more spontaneous.
My pictures of The Borderline
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