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My report, The Rift convention


Like you can see, this time, I try to write in English, so in advanced I say: sorry for all mistake that I'll do, I hope you can understand me. And I'll write in dribs and drabs, It's difficult to write in a once. Translate from English to Italian is more simple than to write in English...

I left Italy at 25th of April, I met my fabulous Ruby in hotel and we were ready for an other trip. The next day we gone to the Rift, but , like everytime , We lost, our hotel was near the convention just 10 minutes to walk, but we walked around and around... when we arrived there was a long queue and I saw some others friend, Sylvie , Livie, Lynda, Chris ecc... was very good to see familiar faces. The place was really cool, A big room, a stage and in front of rows of chairs, behind some tables with merchandisings about Torchwood Gareth and James of course.
Ruby and me was in the first row, fortunately, but we stayed really a few time in our chair, We spent all day to do queues , to talk with others fans and to take photographies.
the show started when a member of James' staff told us some instruction, the first moment was the photo ops, so we walked for our first queue. For my first time I understood the instruction, thanks the staff that was so kind to repeat for me very slowly.
when we were in queue , through the curtain, we listen James laughs, was very nice to listen his beautiful laugh, I was so excited. When I arrived In front of James He smiled and started to talking whit me...GOD hard moment like usually, He talked really much and I couldn't understand all, just fewwords..."Supergirl...superman...fuck the face was like ,,,?,,, poor James! I think He tried to repeat for me but...ok my usually poor figure I'll never know that He said to me. So, we took our photos together and He was kind and hot like always.
After the photo ops we saw the first Q_A of James, He was really talkative and briliant, and , incredible I understood many questions yesssssssssssssss, some about TOrchwood, Dragonball ecc... I can't remember sorry.
After the queue for the autograph, unlucky I couldn't see the Q_A of Eve beacuse I was in queue for James, and I don't able to understand English if I cannot concentrate to it,so I just saw Eve jump and run on the stage, She look very cute and funny. The same for others Q_A.
Queue was really long so I didn't got my autograph with Gareth, really I didn't think that would been so many people that was incredible,there were a lot of people.
During my autograph with James, I gave to him a little gift, an album where I inserted some photos that I took in this years at the convention where I attended, He was very kind to to spent time to see the pictures with me,despite the confusion of people in the queue. Jame gave at all people all that him could can.
The last show was a Q_A with James and Gareth both, that was so fabulous those men are so incredible together, very funny. During the break, before the concert, me and Ru gone to the our hotel for to change our high-heels shoes, GOd we were so tired! but when We came back to convention, We got a really bad news, James didn't feel good so the concert was canceled. We were so sad, Steve and staff tried to offer a substitutive entertainment with Kai Owen , Gareth and Steve:) but they talked so quickly We didn't understand nothing and we were so tired, so before the show ended We came back to the hotel.
It was a great day,despite the inconvenient, really a good experience.

A funny story: At the Rift, I was so hungry, I gone to the bar and saw some piece of pizza, I asked for to buy that, but the man laughed.
Those were guest's food not for sale, (poor figure) but he give me a piece :) -kind man-
So when I listen about James problem
I was scared to felt bad too

My pictures about The Rift convention
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