Monday, May 26, 2008

My report Union Chapel

I have to finish to post my photos there are just someone Union Chapel photos of Jammarst

Sorry for my slowness of to do this report, but to write in english is very hard for me and I need more patience for to do it :)
So, now my report about Union Chapel concert:
We (Ru, Littledru and me )arrived outside the church at 5 pm and there was just a queue. We said hallo at some friends and started the queue. Few time later came others italian fan - Sam-(with husband and their fabulous baby) Gio- Simo- We don't know each other, we talked sometime just from forum, but all together had a project. I did a graphic for a T.shirt where I printed some of my best photos that I took to James, all us wearied that T-shirt and we had one for James too.
Some patter and many laugh and we arrived into the chapel. Littledru talked with Steve for ask if We could give to James the T-shirt but, predictably, He said to give to him and after the concert Steve would give to James. We asked if we could throw down on the stage during the concert and Steve said yes.
So! The concert started, before James sang an artist called Benmark, not so bad. James came and started to play, fabulous like always.
He sang some of his best songs Angel, Smile, Like a waterfall,London city, Up on me and he played some cover too like Lullaby baby blues chocolate Jesus and All Apologies by Nirvana. We were nervous because weren't near the stage and didn't know like to do for give him the T-shirt. So! when He did a break we thought that was the time right for give him our gift and not annoy the concert. After the break we went under the stage and I threw to him the shirt, He saw something arrived on the stage, but I think that didn't understand what that was and who threw to him so he looked around, Ruby hug me and scream "James" we all together said hallo with our hands and James saw us and said hallo too. I hoped that him would take the T-shirt after the concert, but He didn't. we saw a man with a plastic bag took some stuff that were on the stage and we thought that was garbage, so , we asked to him to give back our T-shirt .We gone to Steve and gave to him, He give thanks and said that James would had our gift.I was really sad that James didn't take our gift, because I'm shy and I force myself to go near the stage for and to throw our gift. But I think was just a forgetfulness or maybe that guy would to had give those stuff to him, I don't know. Anyway, the concert was wonderful, there were a lot of people.
I found on the net a video where there are us while to throw the gift, It's too dark but for me is a memory of that moment.
I insert here the video and some caps.

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