Sunday, June 29, 2008

Torchwood magazine issue 6

A big thanks to sueworld2003 from CDS for share with us the scans from issue 6.

more...from CDS board

I ordered this magazine and now I can't wait for it really :)
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Northern Exposure

from bendy1
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


voting are started go here You can vote once a day.
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Piccolo' appearance and teaser_updated

from dragonballfilm.

maybe a spoiler about Piccolo' appearance

Something interesting about his Piccolo description: some things are the same than in the Ben Ramsey script.
But I repeat, I don't know if it's true or false. And Andure says that things avril 6th, so a long time before the Ben Ramsey script release.

But I don't know if these spoilers are true or false.

startSPOILER--- Andure says he was a fullum created by Piccolo, and after killed by him. According to Andure, Piccolo's face will be like in the anime, except two things: no antennas, and a color yellow-green light (like the color of a turtle head). He says that at the beginning of the movie, Piccolo has the normal James Marsters face, to be anonymous. But during the second part, he will be green. As Mai has, he has the power to change his appearance. His costume is dark, in an arabian style.. He says that namekians will be dressed in black, tat they were peacefull people, but they pass from good to bd, contrary to Goku who pass from bad to good side (it's well explain in the movie he says). He confirm that Piccolo will say to Goku that he was a saiyan from an other planet. He says that two end has been shoot: one ends with an egg. He says to that he(fulum) will kill Krilin in the movie. He speaks too about the party organized by Chichi where Goku fights to defend her.---End spoiler

and A new poster has popped up online from Cinema Expo 2008, from
The site talk about this teaser and affirms that it's official at 100% and that the figure on top in background is Piccolo.
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About James


this is so cool Brent Spiner tells that he’s a Marsters fan himself.
“I like Spike. I wanted him to play Shinzon in Nemesis!” Words: Abbie Bernstein

I would love to see James in that role:(

the complete interview is on this magazine issue 12

and thanks to LR for shared this link

Allison Mack talk about Brainiac and James :

Q: In the season finale, what exactly happens with you and Brainic?

Allison Mack: In the season finally what happens with Braniac and I? He did this finger thing on me, the finger thing. Where he sticks his finger, you guys know if you watch the show, you know a finger thing! It’s really so weird filming scenes like that, James Marsters is an amazing actor (crowd applause) and he’s standing over me going like this and there’s nothing there I’m going like that! Ok! I think it’s because I have this massive amount of power, healing power. And I’m able to heal myself and fight against negative energy. It was an example of how I do that.


and thanks to LR for shared this link

I post just I bit of this review:
This movie has a lot of heart, and successfully combines romance, comedy, grief, and sadness with a talented cast. The supporting cast doesn’t get enough screen time. It includes Lisa Kudrow and Gina Gershon as Holly’s best friends Denise and Sharon, who provide most of the comedy. Kathy Bates plays Holly’s mother Patricia, and one of my favorite actors, James Marsters, is woefully underused as Sharon’s husband John and Gerry’s best friend. Gerry is portrayed by Gerard Butler, who doesn’t have much screen time since he dies very early in the film, but he narrates it, so his presence is felt, and he does a great job doing so.

I must mention that there’s a little nod to Buffy The Vampire Slayer when Holly is choosing a new career. She has different careers written out on boards, and Gerry’s voice is heard saying, “Vampire Slayer is not a valid career!” Swank had a role in the movie Buffy The Vampire Slayer, while James Marsters played Spike the vampire in Buffy The Vampire Slayer for six seasons and later its spin-off Angel. As a huge Buffy fan, I got a kick out of that, and it’s a funny scene in the movie, made even funnier if you know the connection.
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Monday, June 23, 2008

The 2008 KryptonSite Awards

James is nominated for The 2008 KryptonSite Awards likeThe Best Recurring Guest Star

There were just so many nominated guest stars, that we're splitting things into Best Recurring Guest Star (With 3 or More Episodes) and Best Guest Star (1 or 2 Episodes). That way, everyone will have a chance to be honored.

As for the other categories... we're still tallying everything together so it will be a while before the full list of nominees will be posted. But for now, pick your favorite recurring guest! We'll be taking votes through June 24, when we'll switch to another category.

IPs are logged so you can only vote once. Have fun!

Vote for him here click on KryptonSite News Page!

Thanks to Alain for this news
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Amy Award Nominations . . . Let the Voting Begin

James is nominated for Amy Awards like 5. Hey It's That Guy/Girl or Best Guest Star James Marsters as Milton Fine on Smallville, Captain John Hart on Torchwood and Detective Grant Mars on Without a Trace.

Vote for him here

You have until next Friday, June 27 at 5 p.m. EST to vote. After you've voted, talk about the nominations below.
A quick note, you do need to submit your email address to vote (it's one way that helps prevent duplicate votes) but Zap2It does not share your email with any outside party.

Thanks Alain for this news
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Saturday, June 21, 2008

smallville magazine issue 27


source titanmagazines
Planet Smallville

Smallville Magazine returns with another issue that no true fan of the show can afford to miss – check out this page for a taste of interviews with James Marsters (BRAINIAC),

Bringing back Brainiac – James Marsters

A respected and hugely popular star ever since his role as Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, James Marsters made SUPERMAN history as the first actor to play a live action Brainiac. In the new issue of Smallville Magazine, we meet the charismatic actor to discuss his dramatic return to the show: “I think they may have taken him in a slightly different direction. Well, they’ve given him cooler clothes, but I think the rest has got to be up to me. He’s a little less cocky, a little more respectful of Clark. He calls him names and everything, because he’s actually a little more afraid of him.”
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Friday, June 20, 2008

Updated gallery

Updated gallery Some still about Smallville season 7 episode 15 "Veritas".
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Collectormania 13 my report

Images from Samantha , Thanks honey
finally here it is :)
Me Ruby and Littledru was in the same hotel in London, so together gone to the station for to leave for Milton Keynes, there we met Jamesmyhero too and saw others familiar faces like Shy. When we arrived in Milton Keynes , me Ru and Littledru gone in our hotel, but our rooms weren't ready, so we asked for let there our bags and for to use their bathroom for to change our dresses. We gone to collectormania and saw that James started autograph session. After give a look for others actor, anybody interesting for me sorry, but for fans of Harry Potter there were some good look. When the photo session with James started, Littledru come before all of us. she said that James couldn't give hugs because had a problem with his arm and He had pain for that. So when we got ours photos, before Ruby and after me, We were ready ,I got my photos, not so bad, in one of that, we were face to face and I forced myself for not laugh. After We got our autograph, I asked to James if He was fine, he said that had an incident in dragonball and He had a nerve problem in his arm, but He was making physiotherapy. . So we can said hello to many others fans, Samantha, Marasma, Buffyna, Silvye, Leave, Lynda, Chris ...sorry if I forgot somebody. later, we knew, that some "fan", during the photo session, grabbed James and he was angry so he wouldn't do different pose, like usually. God ! I cannot understand what you have in your mind people! after that you grabbed him, did You life change? Do you feel better? damn this is so insane really I cannot understand, this person offends the human decency,it's shame. Do you know what mean respect?
Ok sorry but I cannot shut up, I was so angry and sad for James, poor man, and for us. Anyway...
After the convention, we met with many Italian friends,and we stayed so long time for decide where we have dinner, I had fun to play with Samantha' son, He's so sweet :)
Finally we gone to dinner in an American pubs and we had a great time together :)
The next day same problem, others people grabbed him again, incredible!
Anyway I took my photos with James, but the atmosphere are not so good, He look like nervous poor love. After a long, long,long queue I took my photo with John Barrowman and Eve too. They are very lovely guys.
After that, I did an other autograph with James and with my friends gone at the party.
By taxi We arrived very quickly, so after a queue, again and a fight for the first row :( we gone to the concert.
We was near the stage and I saw very well the show. James was great, He sung four songs, his voice was perfect,he sung Apologias of Nirvana, and I admit that generally don't like his interpretation about that, but this time was so warm very fantastic, was a fabulous show. James looked all fans into their eyes, maybe He hadn't light in his face so He could see at us. He was so lovely and cute, He seemed relaxed finally.
After the James' performance Me and my friends gone by taxi in our hotel, some of my friends stayed there for that night, but not me, there was an other taxi and was waiting for me, I had to go to London in a hotel the same night, because my flight was 8.00 a.m. the next day.
So, I said hallo at all my friends, sadly.
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British cinematographs are finishing the shooting of the feature film "Moonshot" in Lithuania.

I read this news here
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Photo shoot tickets with James at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia are now available from Froggy Photos. Tickets are available for all three days that James will be appearing, August 29-31.
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Q_A June

From official site
No Q_A session this month again, because James has too much work, but you can listen some mp3 clip from the past session.
Friday, June 13, 2008

The 2008 SyFy Genre Awards Nominees

Go Jamessssssssss We are with you :)

We can vote for James, once a day, till 25th June to 25th July.
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Awards---Updated 12-06-08

Updated 12-06-08------------------------------------------



- Best Special Guest/TV
1.Michelle Forbes - battlestar galactica
2.Derek Jacobi - doctor who
3.James Marsters - Torchwood - Exit Wounds
4.John Simm - doctor who
5. George Takei - heroes

we can vote for him, once a day, till June 25th

you can download the podcast and to listen the complete nominations from podcast

Updated 11-06-08-------------
In the meantime we are waiting for SyFy Genre Awards 2008 nominations I found an award about
Torchwood in this site torchwoodtv.blogspot there is a list of winner.
James won:
1: James Marsters (Captain John Hart) 50.75%
2: Tom Price (PC Andy) 11.94%
3: Ruth Jones (Nikki, "Adrift") 8.96%
4: Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones) 7.46%
5: 4: Nikki Amuka-Bird (Beth, "Sleeper") 4.48%
= Anthony Lewis (Tommy, "To the Last Man") 4.48%
7: Paul Kasey (Various roles) 2.99%
8: Bryan Dick (Adam, "Adam") 1.49%
= Nerys Hughes (Brenda, "Something Borrowed") 1.49%
= Julian Bleach (Ghostmaker, "From Out of the Rain") 1.49%
= Amy Mason (Alice Guppy, "Fragments"/"Exit Wounds") 1.49%
2008 SyFy Genre Awards

I found the long list about SyFy Genre Awards 2008.
I quote all James' nominations
James Marsters, Smallville, Arctic
James Marsters, Superman: Doomsday
James Marsters, Torchwood, Exit Wounds
James Marsters, Torchwood, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
This is NOT THE FINAL LIST, where five choices from each category to be finalists.
The short list is announced on Wednesday, if James is on that list, we can all vote once a day till June 25th .Voting actually begins June 25 and runs through July 25.(thank you Michael Hinman)
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Saturday, June 7, 2008

James astronaut

I made these manipulations, I can't wait for to see this movie :)

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Friday, June 6, 2008


source yankeeinlondon
Principal cast:
Neil Armstrong - Daniel Lapaine
Buzz Aldrin - James Marsters
Michael Collins - Andrew Lincoln
Janet Armstrong - Anna Maxwell Martin
Joan Aldrin - Kelli Kerslake
Al Shepherd - Trevor White
Chris Kraft - Colin Stinton ... more here

you can read more information into comments about this article

So, James is in Lithuania already, GOOD WORK JAMES :)
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