Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Collectormania 13 my report

Images from Samantha , Thanks honey
finally here it is :)
Me Ruby and Littledru was in the same hotel in London, so together gone to the station for to leave for Milton Keynes, there we met Jamesmyhero too and saw others familiar faces like Shy. When we arrived in Milton Keynes , me Ru and Littledru gone in our hotel, but our rooms weren't ready, so we asked for let there our bags and for to use their bathroom for to change our dresses. We gone to collectormania and saw that James started autograph session. After give a look for others actor, anybody interesting for me sorry, but for fans of Harry Potter there were some good look. When the photo session with James started, Littledru come before all of us. she said that James couldn't give hugs because had a problem with his arm and He had pain for that. So when we got ours photos, before Ruby and after me, We were ready ,I got my photos, not so bad, in one of that, we were face to face and I forced myself for not laugh. After We got our autograph, I asked to James if He was fine, he said that had an incident in dragonball and He had a nerve problem in his arm, but He was making physiotherapy. . So we can said hello to many others fans, Samantha, Marasma, Buffyna, Silvye, Leave, Lynda, Chris ...sorry if I forgot somebody. later, we knew, that some "fan", during the photo session, grabbed James and he was angry so he wouldn't do different pose, like usually. God ! I cannot understand what you have in your mind people! after that you grabbed him, did You life change? Do you feel better? damn this is so insane really I cannot understand, this person offends the human decency,it's shame. Do you know what mean respect?
Ok sorry but I cannot shut up, I was so angry and sad for James, poor man, and for us. Anyway...
After the convention, we met with many Italian friends,and we stayed so long time for decide where we have dinner, I had fun to play with Samantha' son, He's so sweet :)
Finally we gone to dinner in an American pubs and we had a great time together :)
The next day same problem, others people grabbed him again, incredible!
Anyway I took my photos with James, but the atmosphere are not so good, He look like nervous poor love. After a long, long,long queue I took my photo with John Barrowman and Eve too. They are very lovely guys.
After that, I did an other autograph with James and with my friends gone at the party.
By taxi We arrived very quickly, so after a queue, again and a fight for the first row :( we gone to the concert.
We was near the stage and I saw very well the show. James was great, He sung four songs, his voice was perfect,he sung Apologias of Nirvana, and I admit that generally don't like his interpretation about that, but this time was so warm very fantastic, was a fabulous show. James looked all fans into their eyes, maybe He hadn't light in his face so He could see at us. He was so lovely and cute, He seemed relaxed finally.
After the James' performance Me and my friends gone by taxi in our hotel, some of my friends stayed there for that night, but not me, there was an other taxi and was waiting for me, I had to go to London in a hotel the same night, because my flight was 8.00 a.m. the next day.
So, I said hallo at all my friends, sadly.
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