Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Piccolo' appearance and teaser_updated

from dragonballfilm.

maybe a spoiler about Piccolo' appearance

Something interesting about his Piccolo description: some things are the same than in the Ben Ramsey script.
But I repeat, I don't know if it's true or false. And Andure says that things avril 6th, so a long time before the Ben Ramsey script release.

But I don't know if these spoilers are true or false.

startSPOILER--- Andure says he was a fullum created by Piccolo, and after killed by him. According to Andure, Piccolo's face will be like in the anime, except two things: no antennas, and a color yellow-green light (like the color of a turtle head). He says that at the beginning of the movie, Piccolo has the normal James Marsters face, to be anonymous. But during the second part, he will be green. As Mai has, he has the power to change his appearance. His costume is dark, in an arabian style.. He says that namekians will be dressed in black, tat they were peacefull people, but they pass from good to bd, contrary to Goku who pass from bad to good side (it's well explain in the movie he says). He confirm that Piccolo will say to Goku that he was a saiyan from an other planet. He says that two end has been shoot: one ends with an egg. He says to that he(fulum) will kill Krilin in the movie. He speaks too about the party organized by Chichi where Goku fights to defend her.---End spoiler

and A new poster has popped up online from Cinema Expo 2008, from film1.nl
The site dragonballfilm.es talk about this teaser and affirms that it's official at 100% and that the figure on top in background is Piccolo.
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