Friday, October 23, 2009

James got hurt.

A very bad news now. this weekend is running the Hub 3 convention and James is a guest, but from the official facebook we get a sad news:

To all of those attending The Hub 3 in Birmingham this weekend, unfortunately James will not be able to attend as originally planned. James had a spill on the set and took a bump to the head and was advised by doctors not to fly for a few days. He is resting and feeling much better (although somewhat guilty). He will definitely be able to travel in time for next weekend's Hallowhedon event.

James we hope you get better very soon, take care your head is so precious for all of us, we love you.
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New conventions

From official site a new enigma
Two Countries
Two Cities
One Man

The countdown has begun for two exclusive 2010 events. Details coming soon.

I guess, the country are America and Europe, and the City NJ and London, maybe are they the Valentine events?
Will see soon :)
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Q&A October

Q & A is up in the official site
What goals do you feel you haven't accomplished yet in your music, either in your lyrics and melody, or in your guitar playing? What are you still striving for?
Writing a good bridge.

Do you doodle while you're on the phone and what is your doodle of choice?
Yes, arrows piercing flesh.
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ghost oh the robot

I found two videos about Ghost of the robot I have never seen. They are very short and the quality it's not so good, but are cute.
Visit pwac channel to see the other one.

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Message from James

James wrote a message for his fans on JamesMarstersLive facebook
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Boston super megafest 2009

James will be signing autographs, taking professional photographs, particpating in a Q & A session each day and giving a concert on the Saturday night. . For full information go on facebook James-Marsters-The-Official-Page
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Lie to me

Yesterday was on tv the episode of "Lie to me" with James like guest. Some caps and video from civilizedjames.
from JamesMarstersLive facebook this link
for US fans.
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