Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Join James in celebrating Spring Fever in the UK in 2007.
James will be performing in concert and also playing host to an unmissable exclusive London Spring Fever evening for a limited number of lucky ticket holders.
Spring Fever madness will take place in the UK in the week commencing May 1, 2007 and will culminate in a guest appearance at Collectormania in Milton Keynes.
Details of Spring Fever events and how to book tickets will be announced shortly. Please subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest information as it's released.

What can I say about it, surely is a beautiful surprise for our europe fans that we can’t take part in the qeen mary event.
Personally I don’t like how they take the information, are few and muddler. Isn’t possible understand what is it, there’s not a program that we see for organize the travel. T
heres a lot of tension about what we don’t know and afraid to lose the possibility to buy the ticket.I really enjoy an explanation and a calendar, not the usual run for catch the right moment. The ticket is always on sale whitout warning, usually finish fast and for the afrait to miss it people take it without read what is it. I hope the confusion is only for the collectormania and that soon exit the calendar with the description of the event, the dates, and especially the dates of the tikets exit and the quantity of it. I’m tired to be afraid of close the pc (even the night...)and, before, have the bad surprise to “not take the right moment” and miss the ticket.A lot of anxiety is for this words: "exclusive London Spring Fever evening for a limited number of lucky ticket holders" what event? How lucky and limiteds tickets? Why few ticket on sale? Why draw?We can’t bless for this beautiful news, the level of stress is too much...
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