Sunday, October 28, 2007

Report US album launch

From CDS report and photos of concert performed yesterday to Los Angeles for new album of James US launch.
Seems that James broken his finger of left hand, he told, when he was in Canada for shooting smallville, in his hotel room, the middle of the night when he was getting up to take a piss,tripped over his own shoes in the near-darkness, and found his own face coming towards himself. Realizing that he was about to crash into the full-length mirror and that he had to film the next day, he did a "not the face! not the face!" and put his hands out to stop himself, and broke his finger because the corner was right there. So he was able to play about 70% of his set list by just using his other three fingers for power chords, but some songs he had to do Karaoke-style to the instrumental tracks from the CD.He repaired his guitar Malcolm, so he used that for to play.

---Poor baby! I hope his broken finger will heal for Cardiff's event---

DOWNLOAD Melisa report

**Some photos from Mad brilliant
**Some photos from RavenU
**Some photos from Angela O'Sullivan
**Some photos from Midnight Iillusions - Yani

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