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Ps I love you premiere video clip

Here is a little James' interview and an other here

PS I Love You Premiere Interviews
Rebecca Murray from Hollywood Movies at the World Premiere of P.S. I Love You.

James Marsters ('John')

So tell me about working on this film, mostly women, especially after 'Gerry' (played by Gerard Butler) dies. What was that like?

James Marsters: "That was not bad. That was not bad at all."

It's not a bad group to be hanging out with for a long period of time.

James Marsters: "No, man. Kathy Bates was so awesome. She was like, we were on the set for like 12 hours before they even turned around and got our coverage, which a lot of actors will be like [imitating irritation]. And Kathy had like a fever of 102 and she was like dead. She turns around, she's the first through the door and we're about to have our coverage, she goes, 'Men from the boys, man. Men from the boys. Ready!,' like that. I used to tell younger actors that all the time. 'You think you're tired? Is this a tough job? Are you tired?' And she did that to us and I thought that was rocking. It was fabulous."

What is it like working with Richard LaGravenese?

James Marsters: "The best, the absolute best. He's very demanding but he's very kind about it."

Writer/Director Richard LaGravenese

Hilary Swank's obviously not a choice we see a lot in romantic comedies. Why? She can do it.

Richard LaGravenese: "I met Hilary and worked with her on Freedom Writers and I got to know who she is. I got to know the girl. She's this funny, self-deprecating, goofy, down-to-earth every woman. She's so beautiful and she's never been given a chance to do this kind of thing. I wanted to show that she could. I wanted to give her that chance. And also to me it's a fresh idea. The genre's been done quite a bit and it'd be great to bring some new interpretation to it."

Thank you for the nice eye candy for women in this one.

Richard LaGravenese: "You're very welcome. You can thank my wife and daughter for Jeffrey Dean [Morgan] too. They sat me down and made me see the last three episodes of Grey's Anatomy> so that I would cast Denny."

And you knew that when you saw him?

Richard LaGravenese: "As soon as I saw him I knew that was Denny."

Did you know that Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank would have that kind of chemistry onscreen?

Richard LaGravenese: "No, no, no. We were very lucky."

The chemistry is fantastic in this. Coming out at the end of the year, is this the perfect time for a romantic film?

Richard LaGravenese: "It is the perfect time for this, yeah. It's the time for people to really just enjoy some romance. When you go to a movie and you just can hang out with some lovely characters and some lovely people and enjoy a nice story, I think it's a great thing for the holidays."

P.S. I Love You Author Cecelia Ahern

What inspired you to write this?

Cecelia Ahern: "You know, it came from my absolute fear of what it'd be like to lose the people I love the most. So I think I took a really, really dark, sad situation that we all have to go through and tried to make it positive."

You've never had anyone in your life who's left letters behind?

Cecelia Ahern: "I have no idea where that came from. I just thought, 'Well, I love writing and I love words.' I think that if someone was to leave those things behind it would just be such a special, precious thing that you could hold onto and read over and over again, so that's why."

We know that Hollywood doesn't always do the best job when they take a book and make it into a movie. Were you a little bit scared turning it over to Hollywood to do something like this or did you just jump in?

Cecelia Ahern: "I was so excited. I was just like, 'Whatever!' I was really excited about somebody else's interpretation of my story. I think Richard did a fantastic job. The actors are amazing. Hilary Swank, Gerard Butler, Kathy Bates, Lisa Kudrow…like who can, you know… I can't complain about anything. It's absolutely fantastic."

How closely did the characters in your mind when you were writing them look like any of these guys who ended up playing them?

Cecelia Ahern: "Scarily, Gerry – Gerard – looked exactly like 'Gerry'. When I met him, it was like meeting a ghost. So it was fantastic. Everybody was cast just perfectly."

Did Richard talk to you about adapting it? Were you involved in that process at all?

Cecelia Ahern: "No I wasn't involved at all, which is absolutely fine. I didn't even need to be. He did a great job all by himself."
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