Monday, September 15, 2008

September Q_A

Buffy and Spike's "bring down the house" sex scene was recently voted TV Guide's number one hot scene in television history. Your opinion on that?
It was pretty fun! My memory of it was that the stunt coordinator took 50 lbs of pointed metal to the face that night, so we all ended up in the hospital at the end of that night.

What bores you?

Local television news.

What is on your refrigerator door?
I’ll go check (he laughs)...there’s nothing on the refrigerator door here. My nanny doesn’t want us to blemish it.

After playing and performing a song multiple times, does it become routine? Or do you find yourself being drawn back to the situation that inspired the song and begin to feel the emotions all over again?
I feel it all over again. I have to be careful not to get teary eyed – it's terrible for the voice.

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