Monday, December 15, 2008

December q-a

Q & A is up in the official site
December 2008

When acting, is it a fine line between being over the top and being believable?
No, it’s not a fine line it’s a glaring line. Even if you are one millimeter over, it’s glaring and you can feel the people around you on the set lose hope. The camera is completely unforgiving on that level.

Can you dance and if so, what kind of dance do you do most? What is dancing like for you?
I love to dance. I started break dancing before they called it break dancing - they called it “get down” in the 70’s. I can also waltz, but I’m afraid the punk rock movement did a lot of damage to my dancing ability...
(Now I need to see absolutely, I want see James does break dance PLEASEEEEEEEEEE ;))

What do you keep putting off for another day?
Hmmm... Cleaning out the boxes underneath my desk and cleaning out the garage, but none of that crap is mine!!

What do you feel you know most about?
I am just coming to learn that I don’t know much about anything.
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