Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dragon con 2009_update

The Dragon con started yesterday and we got some reports, photos and video already, thanks to the fabulous James' fans.

- from this forum dontkillspike you can read here some twitters quotes,
- some pictures from Angela
- some pictures from Rosie

- here from mewintle two video about a great moment for James and the fandom. A group of fans gave to him a stormtrooper costume for his birthday, James went crazy.
Well done guy, so cool gift.
- some pictures about that moment from mad brilliant

Go on the youtube channel of mewintle for to see more :)

Some news from Magie of jamesmarstersfans "Steve said there may be a Valentines event in SOPAC in 2010 and it was ok to post it"

From Wendy an information: there are 9 videos about "James Marsters, Julie Benz, Kristy Swanson, Charisma Carpenter DragonCon 2009 Buffy Panel Saturday" from cloudyvisions

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