Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fast report_ Hallowhedon

I have few time so I can write just a fast report, with some information and my opinion.
Just back home from hallowhedon, great convention a lot of fun.
James was hurt and he had a lot of pain, he is a really soldier. I suffered for him. Despite his bad conditions, he done the best, was kind and beautiful like always. The last day he looked very tired, especially on the closing ceremony.
He signed autograph and done great photo sessions, was kind and smiling.
Patricia was there, looks like they stay together and happy, I didn't talk with her, but I saw she talked with some fans. In person looks like a very simple girl.
The guest encounter gone very expensive for James and the dinner, if I listened right gone for 1100 pounds, I don't know the girl that won.
The convention was really great,maybe a bit too intense, the first day I was very tired, the second was better.
Great party on the evenings, but I was really tired for to stay there a lot, just took a look for curiosity.
Nicholas and Mark joined with the fans at the party, very lovely and available guys. All the guest were fabulous.
I got some very lovely pictures together James ,and some of him at the talk sessions. I gave to him two t-shirt during the cocktail party. The next day James worn one of mine, the red t-shirt, I' m SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYY.
I gone to one of the guest encounter with James, was cute but I would like participate more, my bad English and my shy personality put me a block, but I'm happy anyway to see him and listened his stories.
If I understood right, he have to filming on Monday a fight scene, really I don't know like he can do it, poor guy. I really hope he'll take care.

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