Sunday, February 18, 2007

James in italy , support the initiative.

A very enterprising fan have created a beautiful opportunity(possibility) for all European fans.
we have to collaborate and supported it !!! I explain you…
From some years Artemisia try to found someone well-disposed to invite James Marsters in Italy , in agreement with Steve Himber, his manager.
After hundred mails and phone calls to promotions and festivals,
we had received little and most negative answers, .finally, seems, someone, has answeared positive..
The organizer of the Trieste ’s Scienceplusfiction ( answered to her that they would be available to invite James inside of theirs festival and he has already supplied the himber's contact and define all the things between 'em.

if you want help us, or better, help james, please send mail at this address:

here is what you have to write:
.object: kind attention of Giovanni Barbel (James Marsters in Italia)

kind mr. Giovanni Barbel
I have known if you would be available to invite the artist "James Marsters" inside your festival. I want only emphasize my joy and my happyness to know this news and assuring that great groups of fans, Italians and not, surely would come to see him
.i give you my best regards and i hope we could realized all.

thanking in advance

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