Sunday, April 1, 2007

Italian campaign for shadow puppets

News by Artemisa. She emailed to Scienceplusfiction’s responsible, she has got an answer. I put in here her mail and the Barbo’s answer:

Dear Giovanni Barbo,
I send Italian technical form of the movie Shadow Puppets, it is closing the 25th Annual Brussels Festival of Fantastic Film (BIFFF) on April 16th, and I hope it will be closing at your festival. This would be the first presentation in Italy.
One actor of the film is James Marsters, and I know recently you have seen a lot of mails regarding to guest him to your festival, and I’m sure his fans will come from all Italy, Europe, and USA too.
Thank you for your kind patience and I’m looking forward to seeing you.
Best Regards

Dear Artemisia,
thank you for your notice, even though our festival is giving in November, so the film will be closing on that date. Anyway, I’ll tell you on the possible developments of the event.
Best Regards
Giovanni Barbo

Let continue to email request of James’ invitation because something looks to move on. Crossed fingers and it speaks to you of it in turn.
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