Wednesday, September 26, 2007


James will be making his return to the world of Metropolis. The creators of Smallville have brought back his character for season six. The plan is to use his character in four new episodes this season. Stay tuned for future details.

From eonline a confirm that James come back to Smallville.

Just a little giddy good news to help ring in the new season of Smallville, which starts tomorrow night.

Reliable insiders tell me—and the CW confirms—that James Marsters (swoon, Buffy's Spike) is returning for four episodes of the superseries during the new season.

We last saw Marsters's character, Dr. Milton Fine (aka Brainiac), in Smallville's fifth season finale.

While it's unclear exactly how James is returning, I can tell you he's reprising the exact same character, he's returning to set very soon and his episodes begin airing in January. He also appears on CBS' Without a Trace this season.

'Tis good news, no? If you're happy and you know it, sound off in the Comments section below!

And don't forget to tune in to Smallville tomorrow night.

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