Saturday, September 15, 2007

Q_A September

What do you think is the greatest musical instrument ever invented and why?
I think possibly the synthesizer. It used to take 100 - 500 years for a new instrument to assimilate itself into the orchestral, musical experience. They'd come up with a violin
and everyone would go crazy and the next 500 years would be all about how do we
incorporate the violin into our music. Now every new single that comes out has an
incredibly distinct, synthesized sound, which is tantamount to developing your own new musical instrument. That goes way past the best violinist anyone has ever heard because
even the best violinist that has been heard in 200 years is only playing the same instrument that's been played for 200 years and his song will sound very similar to the "hacks" that had preceded him. But the engineer that comes up with a new synthesized sound that has a human resonance, it's as if he's made a whole new instrument and the possibilities from
where I sit are endless. So, it's definitely keyboards, computers and synthesizers - and
that's really hard for a guitarist to admit.

What was the last play you saw?
I think it was The Master Builder by Ibsen starring Sir Ian McKellan. I didn’t enjoy it. It was
the last chance I gave my local theater company after being let down too many times before. continue...
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