Thursday, July 10, 2008

“You guys like watching me getting humiliated…”

sourcedwscifi An other new interview of James from dwscifi. Some quotes
After attending Star Trek conventions in your childhood, what was it like being a convention guest for the first time?

It makes me appreciate that you guys are letting your freak out! I had a lot of the best times of my life with Spock ears [at conventions]. There are a lot of intelligent, interesting, wonderfully weird people in my fan base.

Will fans of the Dragonball and Dragonball Z series like the movie?

There have been some changes, but it’s true to the heart of Dragonball.

How did you feel about not being a Big Bad on Buffy?

I was really, really, really mad about not being a Big Bad. [Marsters found out that as a regular, Spike was supposed to be pathetic.] But you guys like watching me get humiliated. I decided to suffer as beautifully as I could, with dignity.

How did you feel about the end of Buffy as a series?

The end of that show was not about Spike, it was about the Potentials. I would have liked the Potentials not to have been on the show. Lovely women, but I would have liked [Spike] to have chosen to sacrifice himself.

Would you rather do a Buffy/Spike movie or a Spike/Drusilla movie?

I had this idea [for a Spike movie] for Spike in London. We never saw Spike proactively say, ‘I want that’ – he’s a loser, he should want something very small. He tries to date a new woman and tries to keep her from finding out he’s a vampire – I think it would be hilarious. She finds out he’s a vamp, is disgusted [and leaves him]. He tries to fight a monster – it blows up to six times as big as he thought it was. He runs away saying, ‘I need a witch, I need a librarian …’ He does get a new pair of boots at the end. continue ...
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