Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dragonball news

Source dragonball.zeldac.com
This site received an email from FOX that ask to remove the trailer, Fox explained that the trailer on the net isn't the final trailer, just an example used for potential Licensing & Merchandising partners. Fox said the official trailer will be out at the end of this year, not in October with Max Payne movie.
Seem really strange to me that FOx didn't imagine that trailer would be gone on the net. maybe Is It a publicist' strategy for, to become us fan more impatient and excitable ? If it is, It work.I can't wait. Just my opinion.

10/10/08 -------------------------------
got an interview about Dragoball with FOX. They said that promotion will truly begin when we launch the official trailer, from the end of the year and will be promoted at many targeted events in 2009.There is no news on a sequel just yet. They tend to wait out and see how the initial film does and if sequels can be financed.

dbthemovie.com Got an accurate description about some promotional photos, in some they talk about Piccolo:
In all the photos of Piccolo I’ve seen so far, he isn’t green. But in the details ones he looks like he has moss forming in his crevices, so he does have a green tinge.

Over his ribbed armor, Piccolo wears a full length hooded cloak, which is the dark browny crimson color as seen in the trailer. It has a rich texture, it looks very exotic and has rows of Sequined circles up the front panels. Extremely nice and billowy.

When Piccolo does swirly things it is revealed that he has striped panels of dark velvety pink at the back of his cloak.

Overall, I’d say he looks like a modern, darker version of Piccolo from the show. But with a bad case of black ear wax and a much better cloak.
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