Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Q_A October


My uncle told me that it was better to learn to play guitar by ear instead of learning from a book. What's your opinion on that?
I think you should use both and avail yourself to use tablature or “tabs” which is a way to read music without having to read music. Also, tabs are available on the internet for free! Just type in the name of the song and tabs.

In one word, what best describes your personality in everyday life?

You’ve been acting since you were a kid. Does acting make it easier or harder to really know yourself?
Much easier. One thing I enjoy about actors is that they are non-judgmental about the differences and weirdnesses that we all share. Acting forces you to admit that you could be evil or good or courageous or petty, depending on your choice.

What should you have done sooner?
Come to Los Angeles.
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