Sunday, November 9, 2008

Message from James

We finally got a message from James yessssss

from Official site

Congratulations everyone on a peaceful election. Looking forward to a peaceful transition of power. I being myself am on cloud nine. Looking forward to talking with everyone about why we have so much reason for hope. I mean, Robert Kennedy Jr in the cabinet!!!!!

I just finished reading two books on tape which are part of the Dresden series. They contracted me to read a total of 6 between now and next year. I'm leaving to film a new project through December. I'll tell you more when Steve gives me the okay.

I just gave Steve the go ahead to plan something before I have to leave for a worldwide press tour in 2009 for DragonBall, so there's another announcement to look forward to shortly if it all works out.

Here's to a bright future for everybody.

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