Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Message from Steve

source Official site WE got a new message from Steve Himber, manager of James. He give us some good news ,I'm very happy to know James, Steve and their family are safe.

A big thank you for all of you who have checked in about the wildfires in California. I'm happy to assure everyone that James and his family are safe, as are mine. These wildfires are indeed a horrible tragedy and they hit awfully close to home. Neither James or I live in a mountain region in Los Angeles and that thankfully buffers us from these tragedies you see on the news.

Spoiler for Smallville new season:please highlight in order to show the text
Many of you have also asked whether or not the voice you heard on the latest episode of Smallville was James'? Yes, indeed it was. The producers asked us to please not mention it in advance as they wanted it to have an element of surprise. Sorry for the spoiler for those of you who don't live in the US and will see it later.

Lastly, as James mentioned in his last message, I am indeed working on an event for him for the beginning of 2009. If all goes smoothly, the event will take place on the weekend of February 14th (Yup - Valentines weekend and Presidents Day weekend - I can only imagine what he'll talk about!). I tell you this now, not to act as a tease but so that those of you who might want to attend can plan to keep that weekend free. I anticipate being able to post all the official details about venue, tickets, etc just before Thanksgiving so keep an eye out.

I hope this finds everyone healthy and safe and settling in towards the madness of the holidays.


There is an important information too about official mail:

Effective immediately all fan mail should be sent to the following address (the old address will no longer be accepting mail):

James Marsters
C/o Himber Entertainment
P.O. Box 950
S. Orange, NJ 07079-0950
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