Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dragonball evolution

Two days ago been promotional conference in Korea, and was James too. On startribune site and on koreatimes you can read an article about it, there are a lots of photos in the civilized james gallery.

Here a video from yahoo Korea news

An other information about Dragonball evolution, from dragonball-lapelicula in it's possible pre-order the "Dragonball Evolution: Original Soundtrack"
this is the Track List

1. The Legend
2. Dragonball Evolution
3. Fulums
4. Kaiou Samma
5. Goku
6. Gohan's Special Gift
7. Master Roshi
8. The Journey Begins
9. Lighting The Torches
10. Vengeance
11. Chasing Dragonballs
12. Lord Piccolo
13. Mai Vs Chi Chi
14. A Higher Calling
15. Body Work
16. I Dream Of Chi Chi
17. Grime Vinyl
18. Unwelcome Strangers
19. Bulma And Yamcha
20. Things To Come
21. Battle
22. End Game
23. Dragonball Evolution Main Titles

And in dragonballalcine site a pretty scan about Piccolo and Goku.
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