Monday, February 16, 2009

Funny Valentine at SOPAC USA

The last Sunday was The Funny Valentine at SOPAC USA, it was a great event for what I read in some reports of fans. James played a "Love letter", made a Q&A session and a very long concert, about 2 hours. He told that today he is going to leave to Korea, in occasion of the Dragonball tour (I guess), and he give them some others information about Alien Western , Moonshot ecc. You can read report of fans in the CDS board here and here too. Some photo there are from Rosie of Jamesmarstersfans group, from RavenU and Yani

Courtesy of Salchli from More than spike The set list from James' concert.

Looking at You
Fall of Night
Don't Worry Son
Patricia (my request)
Dangerous (audience request)
Finer Than Gold
For What I Need
Poor Robyn
Civilized Man
Too Fast
Chocolate Jesus (audience request)
All That She Wanted
Goodbye (audience request)
Up on Me
No Promises
I'm Falling Down (NEW SONG!)

London City
Birth of the Blues"

Thanks to everybody for sharing :)
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