Friday, February 15, 2008

Q-A February


What makes you sentimental?
My kids.

The handicap of our youth is the missing insight we gain in our later years. Shakespeare, though, lets younger characters hold monologues in which his own wisdom shines through. Man on a mission or vanity, what do you think?
I don’t think so. I think Shakespeare’s young people are impetuous and rash and maybe a reflection of his earlier self. We think of them as geniuses but that’s just because Shakespeare writes so damn well and you can’t ask him to stop doing that. But he doesn't look down on young people - some young people are quite smart.

How do you feel about luck?
Luck is everything, as the Chinese know. We think we control our destiny but it is horrifyingly random. Luck is everything, everything, everything. To get here, everyone of your ancestors had to survive long enough to mate – that’s lucky. 99% of the species born on this planet are extinct. You are part of the privileged lucky few that have survived.

What is the best thing and the worst thing about acting?
The worst thing is to have to wait around for people to create a job for you. Creatively that’s deadly. The best thing is getting all the credit for all the hard work that’s done on the set that you never even knew about when they finally do give you a job.

If you had to gain 30 pounds for a role, you'd eat…
Ice cream, fried chicken, pork ribs, chocolate.

Have you owned any pets since Zachary died? If so, what?
No I haven’t. I’m just not home very much. Maybe I'd get a cat. Continue...
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