Sunday, February 24, 2008

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In an interview of Gareth David-Lloyd (who Ianto Jones) about torchwood He talk about James too :
heard that you and James Marsters got along very well.
Yes, absolutely yeah. We got on really well. We have similar sort of political and philosophical ideals, I think. And musically, we get on really well...I think it was the music that sort of started us talking and we've been great mates ever since.

And you played a gig together?
Yeah, that's when our blues band formed. I was promoting a band called Disgraceland over here and I did the odd bit of singing from time to time. But when James asked after I got up and did a song with him whether I'd like to support him at his next gig in Cardiff, I was over the moon but of course I had to get a band together so I went and asked a favor from the guys in the band I was promoting aad a few of them said yes and then Blue Gillespe was formed. more from zap2it
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