Tuesday, January 20, 2009

James Marsters fan site

I 'm very happy to let you know I made a new site about James jamesmarstersfansite.com This blog is part of that, like the community too. I made a new photo gallery and some information pages. I have to complete Just few pages yet but you can already join and have fun with me.I hope you like it.
Some clarification : I'll insert, in the site' page news, all the informations I'll find, here in the blog I'll insert some in-depth examination and just the most important news.
In the biography' page there are many links, (the yellow words) but I made just torchwood and Buffy pages at this moment.
You have to log in for to get in the gallery, when you make the request don't worry if you cannot get in immediately , because needed some time, I have to receive and approve the request.

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