Thursday, January 15, 2009

January Q & A

Q & A is up in the official site
Describe your process as a book-on-tape reader in finding ways to evoke the emotions and actions of the story using only your voice.
My process is to complain and bitch to my very patient producer Bob! I’m always wanting to get lost in a story and he’s always wanting to concentrate on things like pronouncing the words and correcting my lisp.

What barriers do you feel women still face in Hollywood?
Sighs.... Hollywood is a progressive town but it also has its ear to the ground and will give the country the entertainment it wants, so in a way it’s very conservative too. But I remember the 70’s when tv and movies were very progressive – if we could combine that with the present female-infused Hollywood power structure I’m not sure how many barriers would be left. Steve however reminds me that there is not equal pay for equal work in Hollywood; maybe some of these questions should go to Steve in the future!

When you are in polite company and someone is being a real jerk, do you think it's better to speak your mind or sit and fume?
I’m never in polite company. Just kidding. When I’m in polite company I speak my mind but politely and hopefully with a joke...more
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