Friday, January 16, 2009

James in 'Numb3rs'

Jameslovin1, one of familiar faces in the James' fandom got a big chance, she saw James filming on Location for Numb3rs. She insert a report and some photos in her LJ and she allow me to share this information with you, so enjoy.
James looked…very much like he did in Without a Trace, though likely the suit and shirt are MUCH nicer! The shirt was a sort of bronze silk (I think), and the suit was a similar bronze-olive color; hard to describe the color actually, but they looked VERY nice on him! James looked *good*; his hair was the current ‘usual’ style, short-ish with just a hint of wave on top and he looked healthy and rested.

Here a clip of James during his guestage on 'Numb3rs' from PeterDeCristofaro

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