Thursday, January 17, 2008

James on tv

The past 16 January started second seasson of Torchwood in Uk with the first episode "Kiss kiss bang bang". James played Captan John. Here some review :

Torchwood on 26 January on BBC America too.

#I got to see this episode, I don't understood all, for my bad English language, but I appreciated very much its . James's character is similar to Spike, but without romanticism and more wild, uninhibited and really really hot.
James did great job, He always is determinate. (He remember me Jack Nicholson, when the trap hurts him, but I don't know why...) The episode is good, a good start for this season.

Last night James on "Without a Trace" S6EP12 "Article 32" Detective Grant Mars 10pm/E CBS
31 Junuary James on - Smallville- S7EP10 "Persona" Brainiac CW 8pm

wat 612 jm only by bendy1
thanks bendy
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