Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Q_A January

From JamesMarsters.com Q_A of January:
What do you remember about your 18th birthday?
Nothing whatsoever, so it must have been really good. I had graduated from high school and was going to the college of my dreams. I had lots of friends and access to really quality beer. It must have been really good and no one got hurt because I’d have remembered that.

How do you define success in general?

What do you do to warm up your voice before a concert?
Sing. It’s actually good if I blow my voice out a bit and sing really loud. This goes against what I’ve been taught about a nice warm-up, but it works. Other than that just a lot of sleep; that’s the real key.

In PS I Love You, did you suggest the "vampire slayer" bit in it, or did someone else add it just as an inside joke and what did you think of the movie overall?
I missed the vampire reference so it must not have been me. Loved the movie – hated myself but loved the movie. I think it’s a great movie. I think my hair looked stupid.

What do you think Buffy and Spike did that last night together?
I think Buffy tried to sleep with Spike but Spike wouldn’t have her. He really didn’t trust her. He said they should just be friends. (laughs!)
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