Friday, January 25, 2008

Some interview ad news_ Torchwoodd,smallville...

Some article and interview today:
-Review of Torchwood’s Second Season Premiere
-"James Marsters Previews His Sexy Torchwood Role" from tvguide James talk about his role in "Torchwood" "Buffy" and about his girlfriend.
- From An other interview of James about "Torchwood"
- Torchwood magazine issue #1 in sale on this link James is on cover.
-artphoto promo for "Persona" from
- Rossum Blogs From the Dragonball Set from No James.

Here quote from James Marsters Previews His Sexy Torchwood Role :
"-TV Guide: Early on, Jack and John do something that Buffy's Spike and Angel never would have done, no?
Marsters: No, no, no. We kiss. My character is way beyond bisexual. Spike was a romantic; this guy would do anything that moved. I cast a lustful glance at a poodle!

-TV Guide: So is the Spike spin-off absolutely dead now?
Marsters: I don't think it's absolutely dead. I told Joss that I didn't want to do the character as an old vampire, which would be really sucky. [Laughs] But I'm holding up better than I thought I would. With the right lighting, we might be able to get away with it.

-TV Guide: Didn't you write some of your new album, Like a Waterfall, there?
Marsters: I finished three songs and worked on several others. That was a good time. Unfortunately, when I went back to shoot the last episode, I had a broken hand and I couldn't play guitar.

-TV Guide: You recently released Like a Waterfall on your website. How would you describe your music?
Marsters: I'd say it would be folk- and blues-driven with sprinkles of punk and pop and rock. There's also a taste of Joni Mitchell and jazz. We got the guitarist Ben Peeler from the Wallflowers to play. A lot of the songs were inspired by or directly about my girlfriend. I wanted to name the album after her, but I decided to be a little more discreet. She's got really nice hair that falls like a waterfall around her shoulders."

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