Friday, January 11, 2008

Torchwood news_

BBCAmerica's Torchwood site is up now, there are 49 pictures behind scene and 28 are with James, there is a video clip with James, so what want we more?

I do torchwood test "Which Torchwood Member Are You?"
It result :

You are Gwen

You think with your heart. It's maybe not the most effective way of leading, but your sensitivity and compassion are strengths when it comes to dealing with people. However, "heart" gets a bad rap these days; ruthlessness and ambition are more prized qualities. But you get the job done, and you're usually able to live with yourself the next day. Now, about that little affair with Owen...ahahahhhhha maybe

Here scifi.comtalk about James's role.
In this interview John talk about kiss with James.
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