Friday, March 14, 2008

The Rift comes to London_ torchwood convention-UPDATED

From jamesmarstersliveTORCHWOOD renegade time agent James Marsters will be on his best behaviour - maybe - when he heads to London for a one day special.

James, who plays the maverick Captain John in the popular Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood, will be appearing at Porchester Hall in central London on Saturday, April 26.

Among those joining James will be Torchwood guest star Alan Dale (Ugly Betty, Neighbours), Welsh favourite Gareth David-Lloyd, who plays Torchwood team member Ianto Jones and Torchwood producer Richard Stokes and Eve Myles.

Further guests to be announced.

Premium tickets are sold out already, but you can buy gold tickets, for more informations go in official site.
Chris Chibnall [producter/writer] and James Moran [Dr Who & Torchwood writer] have been added.

Al Davison, The Astral Gypsy, is an award winning graphic novel author and artist. Al has written and drawn issues of Neil Gaiman's The Dreaming, was designer and artist on Lucius Shepard's Vermillion, and artist on Hellblazer.

Al's dream based series Spiral Dreams has received critical acclaim, and is best known for his autobiography The Spiral Cage. A 5th degree Black belt in Kung-Fu, Al is also fight choreographer for Labyrinth Theatre, and an independent film maker. He runs 'The Astral Gypsy' art studio & bookshop in Coventry with his wife Maggie.

Al will be at The Rift offering attendees the chance to have themselves immortalised in manga portraits.

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