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James talk about Dragonball

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James talk about Dragonball movie , from CDS the transcription.

A woman: "If you can not comment on Dragonball, millions of people are waiting to see you painted green ...
James Marsters: "
The only thing I can say is… Dragon Ball, well Steve (producer) has been hinchando me all day with "quiet on Dragon Ball, do not say anything about Dragon Ball." Apparently, the 20th Century Fox will not let me tell you anything about a cartoon that appeared 15 years ago. But what I have to say about Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT, which is the most brilliant cartoon of the past 50 thousand years. When my son had the figures of action, I always liked Piccolo, the green subject, and you know, I would tell them, but I can not do that.

Steve tells me "be quiet!", But in a video store one can get the series and see it. But 20th Century has been very rare, but good, Piccolo is the most brilliant and the best character, I always liked, and what I thought five years ago and now I have the paper.

The unusual point is that when I had the audition, Piccolo is an old man and gets the areas of the dragon and becomes this great whaaa!, And ehmm…, I am small. Call my son and told him: "The good news is that I am in a movie about Dragon Ball, but the news is rare that they want to do Piccolo, and not even make Piccolo, because hearing reeks, and not know if they could do so. And my son said to me "if… Dad, look you are great, I love you, but emm…, Piccolo is muscular." So I told him, do not worry, in the first movie Piccolo is an old man, that's all I can do, but in the other two arreglare me, we are going to sorprenderlos, I eat the world alive, it will be oh so kids great. "

Updated: source dragonballmovieblog

Movieland spoke to Christina Inman, the manager of Fox in Mexico, and she shared a few details about Dragonball.

- Release Date: April 8, 2009

- It can be taken as official and that date is set in stone.

- Sequels

- We will soon be addressing this hard and rush to finish the post-production of the first movie … Talk about second or third movies is premature.

- Trailer, website and official photos

-She tells me that it’s likely that the promotion of the film start the second half of this year, because they are preparing several things … But she says that the worry is that the first film is well.

-Teaser trailer-in “The Happening”

-On whether the teaser trailer could emerge in the movie “The Happening” (13/June/2008), she commented that targets are different, and the classification of this film will Shylaman does not help that you can build there, so would be another movie for release … But perhaps for those dates can be and have some teaser.

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