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No Dragonball Movie this Year_ P.S. DVD

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! No Dragonball Movie this Year :(


20th Century Fox has pushed back the studios' big screen Dragonball adaptation from August 15, 2008 to April 3, 2009. On the old date, it was facing The International, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Tropic Thunder and Wild Child, while it is currently by itself on the new date.
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Some spoiler from Start spoiler
The webmaster of Dragonball the movie says he has had a mail of somebody of Wizard....
"Just a moment ago, I received scans (I can’t share, and I’d expect you to know why) of Wizard’s ‘revised’ issue. They were alerted about a week beforehand of the date change, and were shipped new images to host. As a teaser poster is not ready, but the prototype in the former issue (Chatwin, his back to us, our first amazing look at his hair and stature) wasn’t the first image the studio wanted out. So, it was swapped for two images and a few more interviews with the cast.
The first is Goku, his hair larger than expected and resembling the television show fiercely, watching from the sidelines at an Arena match. Curiously enough (and this was reported awhile back), a hot dog cart is in the background if you look hard enough.The next image is our first clear, sure-to-make-everyone-excited look at Piccolo. He’s texture is awesome, and in the picture he’s launching someone over him (*not Goku). An amazing publicity shot to release. FYI, this was also from the earlier issue as the studio had no problems showing us the first look at Piccolo...more from end spoiler

Warner Home Video has officially announced P. S. I Love You which stars Gerard Butler, Hillary Swank, Lisa Kudrow, and Gina Gershon. The Richard Lagravenese directed film will be available to own from the 6th May, and should retail at around $28.98. The disc will carry both anamorphic widescreen and full screen presentations, along with English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround tracks. Extras will include a James Blunt music video, a Conversation with Cecelia Ahern (author of P.S. I Love You), additional scenes, and a Name of the Game is Snaps featurette. Blu-ray and HD DVD releases have also been announced for $35.99.

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