Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sand Diego Indie music fest

Yesterday, 29th March, James has performed in a live concert to the Indie music fest of San Diego.

- with photo

- Mad brilliant
- yani
- heart
- Angela O'Sullivan

From CDS thanks Helcat

San Diego set list

Growin' Up - 1 verse of Springsteen song
Not A Millionaire
Don't Worry Son
White Hot Girls
London City
Like A Waterfall
For What I Need
Button Down Vandals
Looking At You
Poor Robin
Civilised Man
Birth of the Blues

more in Gallery
All credit to hearts, thanks for sharing.

I did a playlist about some clip that I found on the net, enjoy :) If I find others, I'll add.
Updated: 4-2-08 I insert others two video clip into playlist and into gallery I put other photos
from Bengt Nyman

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