Friday, March 14, 2008

Dragonball news_updated

Source dragonballfilm
According to Variety Japan, the movie will relase in Japan in March 2009, seven days before the 3 April world release, during spring holidays.

Source dbthemovie
According to a french Dragonball blog, dragonballfilm, Piccolo will have demon henchman called “Fulum Assassins.” Apparently they will be able to regenerate (like Nameks) when they lose a part of their body. info and images here james marsters italian english community

Updated- Maybe the news, about 20th Century Fox has pushed back the studios' big screen Dragonball adaptation from August 15, 2008 to April 3, 2009, are just a rumor, Fox haven't made official this yet.

quote: Fox is updating its websites. By example, they have updated FoxLatina. A few days before they say that the movie will be delay, Dragonball has been ereased of the page Comingsoon. And today, I check, and Dragonball is again in the page, for august 2008. Somebody of the IMDB board says that delay was just a rumor. Fox never officially confirm the delay. So maybe...

And Hoycinema
report that, shootting in Durango are finished and party of 8 March has taken for celebrate that. But some scenes are previewed in L.A.

Source dragonballfilm.

According to a source of the Joker, the film was delayed because Fox missed time for special effects. But the film maybe will be pushed back only until December.
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