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Checking in With James Marsters_interview

From a interview By Vanessa Juarez at James, he talk about P.S. I love you and Without a Trace.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How are you? I hear it's your birthday.
JAMES MARSTERS: You want to sing me a song? Just kidding.

You want to sing me a song? Mine was yesterday.

Well... [Sings] Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday, Vanessa... Happy birthday to you. Okay, my turn.

[Singing] Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday, deaaaar...

...Jaaaaames. I couldn't decide on whether to go with your last name or not.

[Laughs] Right on.

So I wanted to talk to you about life and things that are going on in your career, specifically Without a Trace. How'd that come about?
It was an audition like many others. Interestingly, I met Nick Brendon [who played Xander on Buffy] in the waiting room for the audition and we caught up. I'm sure he was both happy and not happy that I got the role. There's been 100 roles that I've auditioned for that I didn't get, but I didn't see Nick. The one that I meet Nick on, I beat him out of the role. So I think he's probably in the process of forgiving me for that.

What's your character like?
I play Detective Mars. He's from Baltimore and he has been working on a case for a good while and hasn't been able to crack it. The FBI in New York [on] that same case call him in to help. And then, in dramatic fashion, they stumble into something bigger than they expected.

You've been pretty busy since Buffy. What have these various experiences been like?
It was a love fest over on [TNT's Holly Hunter series] Saving Grace — I walked into a Woodstock. Everyone was coming off of having filmed a fabulous pilot and being very proud of that and really loving the experience. You have to check when they're on episode 20, see how they're doing, if they're still feeling the love. I've had some difficult ends of seasons for sure. I was in luck, I got on [for the] first episode.

What was the cast like?
I was totally outclassed by Holly Hunter. I have gotten used to being one of the older actors in a young cast. [She's] probably younger than I am, but just better. [Laughs] So effortlessly herself. I hopefully took some notes. That was a rude eye-opening but also a wonderful thing, you know: ''Keep walking, brother, you're not quite there yet.''

Any chance you'll be back?
Well, [my character] killed somebody, so unless...

I haven't actually seen the episode, to tell you the truth.

I played a character named Dudley, man. And if you're in a cop show and your name is Dudley, you have one episode. You can't count on more than that.

You also have a role in Richard LaGravenese's P.S., I Love You, with Gerard Butler and Hillary Swank.
Yeah, Hilary... Again — outclassed, man. Hilary is...just no filter at all. She really is that nice. I play the best friend of Hilary's husband [Butler], who dies of cancer but finds a way to help his wife get through the mourning process even though he's dead. Not a large role, but a nice little role, actually. And the entire cast was just outrageous. continue...
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