Thursday, August 2, 2007


From official site of James a couple of exstra questions:
What's the secret to starting an interesting conversation with a complete stranger?
Connect with them as a human being. We're all the same. Whether we're black, white, rich or poor, Christian or Muslim, man or woman, 95% of our impulses, fears, hopes and dreams are the same. We all want love - we all fear isolation. We all want better for our children than we had. Everyone. I watched something on the History channel about this. Apparently, there are ten dreams that comprise 90% of everyone's dream-life and what that means is that on a VERY deep level, on the deepest of levels, we're the same. So, when you meet somebody that's a stranger, who seems different from you, just realize that they're not different from you. You can connect with that person based on the deepest of truths about yourself. Just because you grew up with a popsicle in your mouth and they grew up in the desert trying to find water - well, talk about music, talk about your hopes for your children, talk about loving some girl who doesn't love you; and you'll find that they're just like you. more...
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