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Rumored "Out of the Night"---UPDATED

From IMBD rumored of James in "Out of the Night" a new film Writer:Claudio Macor 2008 Country:Italy / UK .
During WW2 an Italian couple hide two army deserters and allow passion to take control.

Also Known As (AKA)
Venetian Heat UK (working title)


Peter O'Toole ... Don Giorgio (rumored)

James Marsters ... Adriano (rumored)

Mira Sorvino ... Caterina

Richard Roxburgh ... Schneider

Raoul Bova ... Franco

More information from INTANDEM Films
Principal Cast

MIRA SORVINO (Guiding Light, Mimic, Romy & Michelle’s High, School Reunion)
PETER O’TOOLE (Venus, Lawrence of Arabia, The Last Emperor, Troy)
JAMES MARSTERS (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Smallville)
RAOUL BOVA (Windows, Under The Tuscan Sun, Alien V’s Predator. Facing)
RICHARD ROXBOROUGH (Moulin Rouge!, Mission: Impossible II, Van Helsing)


Italy 1943. A young married couple subsist on their isolated farm, convinced that the war will never reach them. They go on ignoring the truth and ignoring the crisis in their marriage - until two deserters arrive demanding food and shelter.

Italy’s people and army are divided. On one side, deserters and partisans fight against those who a few days ago were allies, the Germans. Conversely some continue to fight for the Germans, who are now invaders and occupiers. This divide still exists to this day in the conscience of Italians as one of the most dramatic episodes of WW2.

In the area surrounding the farmhouse hate and betrayal set in. Close friends become spies and enemies. This explosive situation fuels the couple’s crisis and exposes their darkest secrets.

The husband falls in love with one deserter, awakening his hidden homosexuality, desperate to love amongst all this hate and death. At the same time the wife falls in love with the younger deserter. Out of the night come intense emotions that are allowed to take flight.

War is the greatest calamity, but also the spark needed to ignite passions. Past and future don't exist, it’s the present that’s important, when love, truth, passion, hate and death arrive.
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