Sunday, August 19, 2007

Q_A August

What gadget should someone invent that would make your life easier? Is there a particular George F. Walker character that you would like to play?
I’d like to play the bum character in Criminals in Love. He is so bitter and so wise and so loving. A great combination that I’ve never seen written so strongly.

How much of your time, when not filming, do you spend thinking of your characters? Do you spend time creating back-stories, etc?
Yes, I spend time but it’s not an intellectual process. It’s just time going over the script and losing myself in the fantasy of the story. Things bubble up without my bidding, ideas occur to me but it’s not an intellectual process.

Do you agree that all is fair in love and war?
No, nothing's fair in love and nothing is fair in war. That’s why you should avoid wars at all times and avoid love until you are absolutely ready ...continue in official
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